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Top 10 power tools you need on your farm

Farm life on an urban farm can be tough. There’s never enough time in the day to get everything done, so it’s important to have access to the best tools possible.

Whether it’s a power tool or hand tool there are some essential tools in the every day life of farm work. Read on for our top 10 list!

1. Chainsaw

Whether it’s cutting down trees or clearing brush, a chainsaw will do the trick with ease and efficiency. It also makes short work of felling trees that are too big for other means of cutting them down.

Plus, there are plenty of ways to use a chainsaws around the property like making kindling out of logs or removing tree stumps from your land after they’ve been cut down.

Taking care of your chainsaw is also an important part of its functionality and life span.

Make sure to properly maintain and store it, and sharpen the blade after sharpening stones are used on it several times, so you can continue to use it for years to come.

2. Rotary hammer drill

A rotary hammer drill is good for creating holes and making them bigger. It works like a traditional hand held drill but on steroids.

This kind of drill can be used to make holes for fence posts, putting up barns and other big projects like the greenhouse.

It also helps break up rock on the property when creating new landscaping.

3. Cordless drill

A cordless drill is a good investment for those who want to invest in power tools. While it’s not as powerful as a hammer drill, it can be used around the house and farm for smaller projects like building fence or assembling furniture.

It’s also great for driving screws and lag bolts into posts and beams.

4. Mower

Electrical mower

An electric mower is a must for those who want to keep their farm looking nice and tidy. It’s also much quieter than a gas powered mower, so it won’t disturb the peace on those hot summer days.

Electric mowers are also great for mulching leaves and grass clippings, which can be used as a natural fertilizer for the garden.

Lawn tractor or zero turn radius lawn mower

For those with larger properties, a riding lawn mower can be an absolute necessity. Those who have large areas to keep clear, will find the job gets done much faster with this tool.

A zero turn radius lawn mower or a small tractor is even better because it can turn around on a dime so you won’t have to go over the same area twice.

5. Tiller/cultivator for planting and tilling the soil, as well as plowing snow in winter months

A tiller is a must for any small farm. It’s essential for breaking up the soil before planting and it also helps mix in fertilizer and other amendments.

When the weather starts to cool down, a cultivator can be used to till in the fall crops so they can decompose over the winter and add organic matter back into the soil.

6. Jigsaw/chop saw/circular saws

A circular saw is an essential piece of equipment for any kind of carpentry or construction work. It can quickly and easily slice through materials like wood, metal, plastic, and masonry.

This makes it a perfect tool for creating lumber, framing houses, and doing other basic construction tasks.

A jigsaw is another good power tool for any carpentry or home improvement project. It allows you to cut curved and angled shapes into your lumber and other building materials.

This makes it a great choice for creating own furniture, wagon wheels, and making other decorative items like garden sculptures.

Chop saws are similar to circular saws but they have a more squared off blade. This makes them better suited for cutting through metal and other hard materials.

They are perfect for creating things like brackets, stair railings, and other structural elements out of metal.

7. Pressure washer

A pressure washer is a great tool for getting your property clean and free of dirt, grime, and built up sap.

It can be used to clean your house, barn, sheds, outbuildings, and just about any other surface on the property.

It’s also perfect for cleaning vehicles and ATVs, as well as removing grease and oil from machinery.

8. Leaf blower

A leaf blower is a must for those who want to keep their property free of leaves and other debris.

It can quickly and easily clear driveways, sidewalks, patios, and any other surface of unwanted leaves and other organic matter.

9. Wood chipper/wood shredder

A wood chipper is perfect for making your own compost and mulch. It can quickly turn leaves, branches, and other organic matter into a fine mulch that you can use on the flower beds or over winter crops like kale, cabbage, and broccoli.

It can also be used to process organic matter like manure so it breaks down faster in the compost pile.

10. Wheelbarrow or garden cart

A wheelbarrow or garden cart can be invaluable when it comes to carrying heavy materials around the farm.

From rocks to wood chips, these tools will help you get your building materials where they need to go so you can get your job done more efficiently.

FAQ on essential farm tools

Which type of tools were used by small farmers?

Small farmers used hand tools such as a shovel, hoe and rake.

What are simple farm tools?

There is a variety of tools that are used on a farm, but some of the simplest ones are a shovel, hoe, rake and wheelbarrow.

What are the benefits of using farm tools?

Farm tools can help make tasks such as planting, tilling and harvesting easier and more efficient.

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