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An introduction to the home and garden supplies you really need

There’s no doubt that home and garden supplies can make your life a lot easier. By having the right tools and equipment on hand, you can take care of many tasks around the house quickly and easily.

You don’t need a shed full of tools for each kind of plant you want to cultivate, but it’s good to have a basic set of garden products.

Stick to these must-have gardening equipment to get you off on the right foot (and save yourself and your money a trip to the garden center).

Garden equipment
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First, you’re going to need a shovel. This is an essential tool for digging planting holes, turning soil, and moving debris. When choosing a shovel, go for one with a long handle that will give you plenty of leverage.

Next, you’ll need a rake. A rake is perfect for clearing leaves and other debris from your garden, as well as evenly spreading soil and compost. Make sure to get a rake with sturdy tines that can stand up to heavy use.

A hoe is another must-have for any gardener. A hoe is perfect for breaking up soil clumps, weeding, and creating furrows for planting seeds. It’s also great for chopping up leaves and other plant debris so they decompose faster. When choosing a hoe, get one with a sharp edge that will slice through the soil easily.

The last must-have for any gardener is a hand trowel. This tool is perfect for planting seeds, transporting mulch or compost, and picking up small pieces of debris. The handle should be long enough to give you plenty of leverage for digging into the soil, and the blade should be narrow and sharp so it can get in between tight spaces.

Having these four lawn and garden essentials will make caring for your plants much easier. Make sure to clean them thoroughly after each use, and remember to take care of your tools, or you’ll end up having to buy new ones every year!

For your lawn

Nothing says “home” better than a lush green lawn. It’s the foundation of any great home exterior, but it takes work to maintain that perfect grassy hue. If you’re looking for ways to keep your lawn healthy and lush, read more our tips from one of our experts on landscaping.


Watering your lawn is essential for keeping it healthy and green, but you don’t want to overdo it. Too much water can damage your lawn and make it more susceptible to pests and diseases. To make sure you’re watering your lawn properly, read our guide on how to water your lawn correctly.

Pest control

There’s nothing worse than seeing those first signs of pests on your prized possessions such as your lawn and flowers. But preventing them from taking over can be as easy as stepping up some basic preventative care. For starters, make sure to keep your grass short and dry so bugs have nowhere to hide. From slugs to aphids, we have the information you need to get rid of them for good.

Fertiliser spreaders

Fertiliser spreaders are a must have for anyone with a garden. These handy devices make it easy to evenly spread fertilizer or herbicide over a large area, saving you time and energy while keeping bugs away.

Weed killers & burners

Weeds can quickly take over a garden, so it’s important to have some weed killers on hand. These products can help you get rid of unwanted plants without damaging your lawn or garden. When using weed killers, always make sure to read the instructions and take the necessary safety precautions.


A thermometer is an essential tool for any gardener. With a thermometer, you can keep track of the temperature in your garden and make sure it’s never too hot or too cold for your plants. Read our guides to find out when you need what thermometer for your garden.

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