Urban farming has never been more accessible. We’re the Urban Farm Store, and we are committed to bringing you all of the best products, guides, articles, and tools for growing your own food right in your backyard. With our help, you can live a healthier lifestyle while reducing your environmental footprint!

What’s The Urban Farm Store all about?

We launched this website to provide you with the best products, guides and articles around creating a future of self-sustainability in your own backyard!

Who’s behind The Urban Farm Store?

The main editor of this website is me, Zoe. I live on a Texas farm and I’ve created what I’d like to call my own “micro-ecosystem”. Everything we eat – comes from our farm!

Meet Zoe, Editor of Urban Farm Store

Zoe on the Farm

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I love our Texas farm and my garden. Every day, I wake up happy knowing that all around me there are chickens laying eggs for breakfast, cows chewing their cud as they graze on a field next door, and a sea of green from where vegetables grow before being harvested for dinner.

I hope to make the world a better place by minimising my own impact on the environment by growing loads of my own food.

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