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Poultry Manure Pellet Machine, Why Do Small Farmers Need One?

Most people consider the manure from chickens, cows, horses, sheep, pigs, and other livestock waste. Yet, it serves as a valuable source of organic fertilizer.

To use raw materials as fertilizer, poultry farmers must dehydrate and ferment them. The machine for drying chicken manure can dewater chicken poo rapidly and effectively.

However, relying solely on native fermentation may not result in high-quality granulated organic fertilizer. This is due to unstable nutritional composition and a low supply of trace elements.

In the sections below, we’ll delve into the world of chicken manure pellet equipment, reveal our top pick, and guide you through the factors to consider when selecting the perfect chicken manure pellet machine for your needs.

So let’s dive in and turn that livestock waste into organic gold!

Chicken manure pellet machines explained

The chicken manure pellet machine for producing high-quality fertilizer pellets from chicken poo is specialized machinery. It uses wet granulation technology and is an extremely powerful farm supply.

The chicken manure pellet machine, with the help of using a conveyor belt, transforms manure powder into dense, uniform pellets that are simple to move, store, and apply to crops.

You can recycle and use the pure nutrients found in fresh chicken manure. These spherical pellets from pure chicken manure are available in agriculture and commerce.

These organic chicken fertilizer pellets contain potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus nutrients vital for healthy plant growth.

Organic fertilizer pellet machine. Image source: Richi.

Because of this, more and more individuals are turning their chicken manure into organic chicken manurefertilizer granules.

Organic fertilizer pellet-making from chicken waste materials will be a sensible decision if you want to start a chicken manure fertilizer manufacturing business.

The best chicken manure pellet machine – our pick

Here is our top recommendation for the best machine to make chicken waste pellets:

New Type Chicken Manure Pellet Machines

How can the new chicken manure granulator turn the chicken into organic fertilizer pellets?

Customers can convert chicken manure into high-quality organic fertilizer pellets using the newly created granulator’s stirring teeth and the cylinder’s inner wall.

Typically, you can obtain chicken litter pellets with a 20–25 N strength after the teeth granulation stirring.

Espoma Organic Chicken Manure 5-3-2

Made with all natural and organic ingredients, the pelletized manure is ideal for organic gardening.

The stirring granulator produces pellets of chicken manure that are tougher than those produced by disc or drum chicken manure granulators.

The longer the storage time and easier the transportation, the tougher the chicken waste pellets. In terms of throughput, it can exceed 90%.

This means that you can produce more than 0.9t of pellets from a ton of chicken manure compost. The throughput of this manure granulator is the highest of all of them.

How to select a chicken manure pellet machine

The most appropriate granulating machine plays an indispensable role in the process of producing quality granular organic fertilizer.

After introducing the four kinds of popular chicken manure pelleting equipment, how do you choose the suitable machine?

Capacity for different raw materials

A chicken granulator of a new type has higher throughput. This indicates that the same quantity of chicken manure is utilized in the granulation process.

Also, the finished granules produced by this machine are superior to those produced by other chicken manure pelleting equipment or cooling machine.

This type of machine wastes tons of electricity when discarding the chicken litter. A drum chicken manure pellet machine is your best option if you need a granulator with low energy usage.

Production capacity

You can choose a disc chicken dung granulator from the small-scale production with a minimum of 1.5t chicken dung capacity.

In large-scale production, we can provide drum chicken litter pelletizer for you. Its maximum capacity can dispose of 60t chicken manure in one hour.

So, you can choose the proper machine by the amount of fresh chicken dung.

Manure pellet diameter

A drum chicken manure pelletizer is suitable when you need chicken dung granules with 0.3-2mm diameter.

The chicken waste pellets produced by the new granulator type can satisfy your 3-5mm diameter requirements.

Can you use chicken manure fertilizer pellets on all plants?

It is ideal for many plants, shrubs, fruit, and vegetables. Appropriate at all growth phases, including sowing, planting, and topping off mature plants.

It is brimming with organic, slowly-releasing plant nutrients. And it encourages robust, healthy plant development.

Please note:

A raw material emits ammonia gas during the aerobic fermentation process, which is bad for the environment.

After well-composing, the ammonia gas is biologically eliminated and deodorized. Organic matter, which can increase the soil’s organic content, makes up the majority of chicken dung.

What plants are benefited from chicken manure pellets?

Combining chicken manure pellets and chicken manure compost benefits leafy green plants like spinach, arugula, and lettuce.

Pro tip:

Chicken manure includes several dangerous elements, including bacteria and E. coli. These components must be removed when making pellets. Put your dried chicken manure in the compost using a composting machine.


Nutrient-rich chicken manure or cow dung can be augmented with nutrients to obtain desired ratios, pelleted for less expensive transportation, and packaged for greater distribution.

This is especially helpful in regions with high livestock output where few fields are accessible for manure land application. Pelletizing also lessens odor, insects, and other pests like flies.

These are just a few reasons why you should have a manure pellet machine in your small chicken farm or organic farm.

Frequently Asked Questions about Poultry Manure Pellet Machines

What is a poultry manure pellet machine?

A poultry manure pellet machine is an equipment designed to process livestock waste, specifically chicken manure, into nutrient-rich pellets that serve as an excellent organic fertilizer for crops.

Why should I use a poultry manure pellet machine?

Using a poultry manure pellet machine helps you convert waste into valuable organic fertilizer, reduces environmental pollution, produces stable and nutrient-rich fertilizer for improved crop growth, and allows for easy transportation and storage of processed manure.

How does the poultry manure pellet machine work?

The poultry manure pellet machine goes through three main stages: dewatering to remove excess moisture from raw manure, fermentation to break down organic matter and stabilize nutrients, and pelletization to form the processed manure into compact pellets.

What factors should I consider when choosing a poultry manure pellet machine?

When selecting a poultry manure pellet machine, consider its production capacity, efficiency, durability, ease of use and maintenance, and price to find a suitable model for your needs.

Can I use the resulting pellets as fertilizer for all types of crops?

Yes, poultry manure pellets are suitable for a wide variety of crops due to their rich content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other micronutrients. However, follow proper application rates and guidelines to avoid over-fertilization.

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