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The Best Cutting Torch for Farmers: Top 7 Picks

Cutting torch kits are indispensable as farm equipment on a farm.

After all, much metalwork can keep a farmer busy — from metal signs and livestock holding pens to grain bins and silos.

Because of that, you’ll want a quality torch that’s right for your needs!

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best cutting torches on the market.

7 Best Cutting Torch Kits in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Below are some of the best cutting torch kits you can get your hands on:

1. Victor Performer EDGE 2.0 Cutting Torch Kit – Best Overall

Victor Performer EDGE 2.0 Cutting Torch Kit
Victor Performer EDGE 2.0 Cutting Torch Kit. Image source: Amazon.


  • Gas: Acetylene, Natural Gas
  • Max cutting: 1/2 inch
  • Max welding: 1/4 inch
  • Torch handle: WH100FC
  • Cutting attachment: CA1350
  • Regulator: ESS32 series
  • Product Link: Amazon

The Performer EDGE 2.0 is the complete package.

Its medium-duty torch handle already serves as a high-quality base suitable for a full-range system!

It has safety features too. This includes built-in flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves. These can prevent your tanks from blowing up or leaking.

This kit comes with accessories as well! It has goggles, a welding and heating nozzle, a brazing tip, and a striker.

The Performer EDGE 2.0 also has a wide range of applications — from light fabrication and repairs to civil construction.

The warranty is impressive too! Its regulators have a lifetime warranty, while the torch handles and cutting attachments get ten years.

Unfortunately, the hose is short, at only 12.5 feet. Alongside that, the soft-sided goggles feel like they’re of a cheaper quality.

Pros of Victor Performer EDGE 2.0

  • Has built-in safety features
  • Impressive warranty
  • Can be used in a wide range of situations

Cons of Victor Performer EDGE 2.0

  • Relatively short hose length
  • Goggles feel cheap

2. Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit – Best Value

Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit
Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit. Image source: Amazon.


  • Gas: Oxy-Acetylene, Propane, Butane, Natural and LP Gasses
  • Max cutting: 1/8 inch
  • Max welding: 5/64 inch
  • Torch handle: 250 series
  • Cutting attachment: 250 series
  • Regulator: 250 series
  • Product Link: Amazon

Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit can do a lot for the money you pay for it.

Firepower is a Victor brand, and Victor is one of the best in the market when it comes to oxyfuel torches. Because of that, it has Victor-compatible tips.

It has multiple gas options, including Butane and LP Gasses! To support that, the torch set has color-coded mixing knobs.

This kit has an ergonomic torch handle and built-in check valves for easier and safer handling.

It’s also created with heavy-duty stainless steel and brass.

Out of the box, this Firepower 250 Series set can cut up to half an inch thick of plate steel and weld up to 1/16 inch thick.

A drawback to this kit is that it doesn’t come with tanks. But other than that, it’s worth its cost.

Pros of Firepower 250 Series

  • Has Victor-compatible tips
  • Exceeds industry safety standards
  • Has multiple gas options

Cons of Firepower 250 Series

  • Doesn’t have tanks

3. ZENSTYLE Cutting Torch Kit – Best Budget Pick

ZENSTYLE Cutting Torch Kit
ZENSTYLE Cutting Torch Kit.


  • Gas: Acetylene, Oxygen
  • Max cutting: 1/2 inch
  • Max welding: 3/16 inch
  • Acetylene tank connector: CGA-510
  • Oxygen tank connector: CGA-540
  • Product Link: Amazon

This set isn’t one of the heaviest duties. But it’s impressive with what it can offer you at its price.

It’s a complete gear kit — from brazing tips to a spark lighter. It even comes in a durable case with compartments and clips, making organizing easy!

ZENSTYLE also included 2-inch dual scale gauges that you can easily read even from a safe distance.

This torch kit is perfect for anyone who’s only starting out or aiming to replace all their old gear in one go.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a very long warranty.

For the cost, it’s not designed for heavier-duty tasks, such as industrial use. Instead, the quality would be best for hobbyists or those that use it only semi-frequently.

Pros of ZENSTYLE Cutting Torch

  • A full set
  • Low price

Cons of ZENSTYLE Cutting Torch

  • Only light to medium duty
  • Minimal warranty

4. Miller-Smith Tough Cut Outfit – Best Heavy-Duty Kit

Miller-Smith Tough Cut Outfit
Miller-Smith Tough Cut Outfit. Image source: Amazon.


  • Gas: Acetylene
  • Max cutting: 1/2 inch
  • Max welding: 3/16 inch
  • Torch handle: CW5A
  • Cutting attachment: CC509
  • Regulators: 30-100-540 (Oxygen) and 30-15-510 (Acetylene)
  • Product Link: Amazon

The Miller-Smith Tough Cut Outfit is actually rated as a medium-duty torch. But it feels more like a heavy-duty torch when you use it.

The set also comes with two rugged and highly accurate 30 series regulators.

Additionally, it lets you comfortably cut no matter how thick a steel plate is. Different tips help in heating and brazing too.

But its internal components are probably more impressive than the exterior.

The tips contain gas mixing technology. This means you can safely mix preheat oxygen and fuel gas without fearing flashbacks!

The torch handle also has a tube-within-a-tube design to make it more lightweight and strong.

It contains internal threads that protect it from damage if you accidentally drop it.

The set does come with comfortable safety goggles that are easy to see out of. Unfortunately, these don’t provide full coverage.

Pros of Miller-Smith Tough Cut

  • Has gas-mixing technology
  • Comes with two regulators
  • Heavy-duty-worthy

Cons of Miller-Smith Tough Cut

  • Goggles don’t have enough coverage

5. Hobart Tag-A-Long Cutting Torch Kit – Best Portable Kit

Hobart Tag-A-Long Cutting Torch Kit
Hobart Tag-A-Long Cutting Torch Kit. Image source: Amazon.


  • Gas: Oxygen, Acetylene
  • Max cutting: 3/8 inch
  • Max welding: 1/8 inch
  • Product Link: Amazon

Just from the name, you can expect that the Hobart Tag-A-Long is the perfect torch kit to take with you wherever you go!

It’s an integrated carrier that weighs less than 32 pounds. You can fit it anywhere too.

Admittedly, the portability comes with a price — the Tag-A-Long has small tanks and a short hose. But it makes it up to those aspects with other things.

For one, it uses Victor tips — so it’s easy to get parts.

If you use it fresh from the box, the #0 welding tip is surprisingly heavy-duty enough to weld pipe fencing and equipment brackets.

Because of how easy it is to carry this kit, it’s great for DIY projects.

Pros of Hobart Tag-A-Long Cutting Torch

  • Compatible with Victor tips
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Great for DIY projects

Cons of Hobart Tag-A-Long Cutting Torch

  • Tanks are small
  • Has a short hose

6. Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty Welding Torch Kit

Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty Welding Torch Kit
Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty Welding Torch Kit. Image source: Amazon.


  • Gas: Natural gas
  • Max cutting: 3/4 inch
  • Max welding: 1/8 inch
  • Torch handle: WH411C
  • Cutting Attachment: CA411-1
  • Regulators: G350 series
  • Product Link: Amazon

Another Victor torch kit makes the list!

This is known in industrial shops as a high-quality and rugged but affordable heavy-duty set.

Sadly, the affordability has a price — the Victor Medalist 350 is primarily a basic kit.

That means it doesn’t have flash arrestors or extra heating and brazing tips.

If you want to upgrade or supplement this set, you’ll need to search for another Victor kit that has those tips.

But even without the extra things, the set is already great for the tougher, heavier-duty cutting needed in industrial settings.

The torch handle is made with an alloy material that gives it three times the tensile strength of brass! It also comes with built-in check valves.

This system has color-coded fuel and oxygen knobs for easier identification of gas.

The Victor Medalist 350 has a 5-year warranty.

Pros of Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty

  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Comes with a long hose
  • Trusted by industrial shops

Cons of Victor Medalist 350 Heavy Duty

  • Some customers complain of wrong connectors
  • A basic kit

7. ZENY Gas Welding Cutting Torch Kit

ZENY Portable Gas Welding Cutting Torch Kit
ZENY Portable Gas Welding Cutting Torch Kit. Image source: Amazon.


  • Gas: Oxygen, Acetylene
  • Max cutting: 1/2 inch
  • Max welding: 3/16 inch
  • Product Link: Amazon

ZENY’s Gas Welding Kit is a complete basic set that you can get at an affordable price!

Yes, it also includes a striker and cutting and brazing tips. The goggles are also comfortable enough and offer good coverage for your eyes.

With the right tips, this kit can cut up to 6 inches thick and weld up to 1/2 inch.

The whole system is packed in a stainless steel-and-brass case that’s also portable.

Unfortunately, because of the price, it’s admittedly not the best quality. The regulators tend to leak or fall apart pretty quickly.

The kit is best suited for entry-level work. But at least it would be a great option for beginners since it still gets the job done at a low price.

Pros of ZENY Gas Welding Cutting Torch

  • Low price
  • Good for entry-level work
  • Comes with everything a basic kit should have
  • Portable

Cons of ZENY Gas Welding Cutting Torch

  • Light-duty torch
  • Regulators tend to have problems
  • Not the best quality

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Cutting Torch Kits

At the end of the day, every torch kit does what it should — which is to cut and weld steel.

But when shopping for the best one for you, here are a few factors to take note of:

#1 What you’ll use it for

The main tip here is to choose a kit that’s the most suitable for your needs — whether you’re welding or brazing, aside from just cutting through thick steel plates.

If you’re mostly doing light-duty tasks like a simple farm gate, then light-duty cutting kits like the ZENY Gas Welding Cutting Torch Kit might be enough.

For medium-duty jobs, then medium-duty torch kits like Victor’s Performer EDGE 2.0 will be perfect.

Or, if you prefer something that you can easily lug around, then look for more portable options — like the Hobart Tag-A-Long Kit.

Regardless of what torch kit you get, make sure it’s something that can get the job done.

#2 The quality of the kit

The torch handles and hoses would be two of the most critical parts of the system.

Since cutting and welding can be quite time-consuming, a major tip is to find a torch handle with an ergonomic design. This gives you maximum comfort and control during use.

Built-in flashback arrestors drive up the cost, but the price is worth the convenience and safety.

The handle should also ideally make it easy to switch tips when needed.

As for the hoses, they typically come as double hoses. The green side would be for oxygen, while the red is for acetylene and others.

But make sure to check the hoses for their fuel type:

  • R – Acetylene
  • RM – Acetylene
  • T – Acetylene and LPG

Of course, you should also check the quality of your tanks. If they have a DOT certification, you can transport them when they’re full. This is especially important for an acetylene tank.

Last but not least, check the accessories. Some torch kits only contain the basics. But some have more to offer, such as different tips, goggles, and a striker.

Of course, more tips and add-ons mean higher prices.

“Torch Cutting Basics Everyone Should Know | Oxygen & Acetylene Fuel” by WeldTube on YouTube.

#3 The manufacturer of the cutting torch kit

Some of the biggest brands in the cutting torch kit market are Victor, Miller-Smith, and Harris.

Many welders tend to purchase Victor torches because of their availability.

But other brands are also compatible with tips made by Victor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you go off to search for your torch kit, let’s answer a few questions about them:

What are the 2 types of cutting torches?

The two types of cutting torches are the low-pressure type (a.k.a injector type) and the equal pressure type.

The low-pressure torch has a cutting head that is fed a high-pressure jet of oxygen, which will draw in a certain amount of acetylene. So if you adjust the oxygen’s pressure, the acetylene will also change automatically.

Meanwhile, the equal pressure torch has a cutting head that is fed equal parts of both oxygen and acetylene.

What is a cutting torch used for?

A cutting torch is used to cut metal, especially steel and carbon steel. But it can also be used to weld metals. However, it’s not generally safe to use on alloys.

What is cutting with a torch called?

The process is usually called flame cutting. But it’s also known as oxy-acetylene cutting and oxyfuel gas cutting, among many others.

What is the hottest cutting torch?

The hottest cutting torch is an oxy-acetylene torch. They can burn at around 5800 degrees.

Summary of Top Picks

Let’s recap some of the best cutting torch kits from this list:

Best Overall – Victor Performer EDGE 2.0 Cutting Torch Kit

The Performer EDGE 2.0 is the complete package. Though it’s a medium-duty kit, you can use it for a variety of projects. Not to mention it comes with safety features too!

It’s complete with accessories like goggles and brazing tips and has an impressive warranty as well.

Best Value – Firepower 250 Series OxyFuel Acetylene Outfit

Firepower gives you more options on what gas to use in your operations. You get color-coded mixing knobs to help you as well.

The torch is made of heavy-duty materials and has Victor-compatible tips.

You certainly won’t be wasting any money with this value pick!

Best Budget Pick – ZENSTYLE Cutting Torch Kit

ZENSTYLE’s kit gives you a full set of gear — from brazing tips to a spark lighter. 

It also comes in a case that lets you easily organize the system’s components.

This set is best for anyone who wants to buy a full kit up front.

Final Words

The biggest tip when looking for a torch kit is to know what you’re using it for, then see if a kit’s price matches its quality.

So, no matter which kit you choose, you know you’ve got the best cutting torch kit for you!

“Insanely Easy Torch Cutting Hack for Perfect Cuts” by on YouTube.

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